Features & Benefits

Maximize your workforce efficiency and drive business growth with PeopleQlik’s HRMS software. Its amazing features enable organizations to streamline their workflows and make best use of their human and capital resources.


  • Web based software available on Microsoft.Net® and IBM Lotus® platforms
  • Systematizes business to employee administrative and strategic processes
  • Self-service portals for employees to access and update data
  • Work flow based
  • Enable managers and employees to directly access functional business processes, information and business intelligence / reports and automates day to day HR and employee workflow
  • Maintains / handles HR data

PeopleQlik Benifits

Business Benefits

PeopleQlik HR software assists organizations to take full advantage of their workforce performance and enable them to make successful business decisions that drive business growth.

PeopleQlik provides ultimate business benefits such as:

    • It ensures translucent, positive working environment and maximum efficiency by providing platform for smooth business-to-employee communication.
    • It works in configuration of individual aims to organizational goals
    • Its reporting and analytics modules empower higher executives and managers to scrutinize performance and productivity in order to make informed business decisions.
    • Employees can easily access entire HR processes through single widow web based that saves time and improves individual and overall company’s productivity
    • It makes your HR department more strategy focused by relegating administrative efficiencies to the machines
    • HR can easily manage all employee data in central repository system instead of making individual employee files
    • Automated workflows eradicate the possibilities of human error and also cut down time and cost required for administrative functions

Manage the real asset of your business – you employees efficiently and effectively with PeopleQlik HRMS and Payroll Software.

Technology Benefits:

Along with exceptional features and business benefits we also provide technology benefits to your business such as:

  • Low TCO amongst comparable systems
  • Easily Integrates with contemporary IT systems, especially Mail, Finance and Payroll
  • Leverages on existing infrastructure
  • Scalable to gratify modern HR business requisitions
  • Accompaniments your ERP investments

Industry Leaders Love PeopleQlik

Permit your HR team to deliver both of the transactional and transformational value to your business. PeopleQlik has built in preconfigured procedures across the entire employee lifecycle which manage your daily routine challenges. The results are improved process control, better efficiency and a platform for your team to work with the business.

  • Employee Profile & Administration
  • Leave & Attendance
  • Payroll with Statutory Compliance
  • Performance Management & Trainings
  • Employee Benefits Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Time Off Reporting
  • Business Travel
  • HR Analytics & Metrics